two tuck end box
two tuck end box
CMYK pantone color box
custom flavor paper box
matt lamination package box

Custom Flavors Paper Box Matt Lamination CMYK Pantone

IU Paper Box 7036
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Specifications of two tuck end box, CMYK pantone color box, custom flavor paper box, matt lamination package box:

1. Material:

300G C1S for two tuck end box

2. Size:

3*3*7.6 (H)cm for CMYK pantone color box / custom flavor paper box

The size can be customized according to your needs.

3. Surface finished:

The matt lamination package box are widely used.

matt lamination folding paper box

Sometimes, customer will make glossy lamination for the box as below.

glossy lamination paper box

Unfolded package, to save shipping cost and convenient for using. 

printing paper box