For rigid box, we have lid and base style, lid off style, foldable package style, drawer box style, special shape box style, etc.
Lid and base box style is one of the common used styles. And there are also 4 tyles of lid and base box.

The lid and the base has different height or same height. And it doesn't have insert. Empty inside.
This box is mostly used for cheap apparel , shoes, scarfs etc package.
simple lid and base box
red foil paper box
special paper lid and base box
It's cheap, easy to make. It is cheap, but also have many ways to make the box luxury.
Firstly, we can use the particular special paper.
Secondly, we can make the brand foil stamping or spot UV.
Thirdly, we can make the lid and the base surrounded by printed coated paper.
Do not show the original cardboard colors.
silver foil paper box
holographic paper box
gold stamping paper box
luxury lid and base paper box

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