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IU Package specialized in package products. Main products are labels, stickers, paper bags, boxes, brochures, flyers, paper cards, etc.

Nowadays, finding a reliable and responsible supplier is becoming more and more difficult. Big companies have the whole perfect service, but they won't handle your requests unless the requests are big enough to support their operation. Besides, 90% of the big companies have the sutiable customers. Small factories doesn't have the professional sales service and communicate skills, most importantly they are very lack of responsibility. 

IU package is not a big manufacturer, we are just a small factory. IU package was build for helping customers who need reliable and responsible suppliers from China. We have a professional team to handle all your requests. IU package is a family. We have 40 family members so far. Being honest, responsible, creative and competitive are our business principles to customers. 

No matter how small the request is, how complicate the request is, IU package is here for you.

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  • Amy Zhang

    Amy Zhang