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Adhesive Labels and Stickers

Package Label is easy to be ignored. It is actually very important during the whole products selling and market strategy.
HOW COME one small label BE IMPORTANT?

Once i went to the supermarket to buy soy sauce, there are many brands on the shelf. I picked up one $3 bottle and the package label was totally ruined by sauce. I checked the bottle, it's not broken. So it's the sauce runied the label during the package. How much to update the label to be waterproof? It'll be less than $0.01. 

There are many kinds of adhesive labels from paper label, vinyl label, multiple layer label, die cut sticker, anti-fake label, double side printing label, changable QR label, roll package label, sheet package label, etc. 

IUPACKAGE has 12C rotary printing, 6C PS plate printing, HP indigo printing, 12C flexo printing, silk screen printing to support all kinds of adhesive labels and stickers. So does the after printing processes, from glossy matt lamination; reverse varnishing, soft touching film, thick spot UV, foil stamping, embossing, etc. 

Talk to IU TEAM, you'll find the suitable label for your product package. 


Card Paper Box

Do you know how many kinds of card paper choices we have to make one box?
There has C1S, C2S, kraft paper, special paper, gold paper, silver paper, woodfree paper, black paper, etc. And each paper has 3 to 10 thicknesses for you to choose. 

We have two tuck end paper box, auto bottom tuck end paper box, snack tuck paper box, one piece paper box, lid and base paper box, drawer paper box, hanger paper box, special shape paper box, etc. How to choose and what's the differences between these styles? 

Besides styles, we also need to figure out the suitable surface treatments. Glossy or matt is easy to choose. The difficult part is to choose SPOT UV, or silver gold foil stamping, or embossing, or will the soft touching film make the box more luxury? And is there any other methods to make the package unique and special?

Talk to IU TEAM, you'll find the suitable CARD PAPER BOX for your product.

card paper box
rigid paper box

Rigid Paper Box

Rigid means hard and strong, also called by hand made box because most of the boxes need to be made by hand. Machinary is popular and highly used in paper box production now. We do have many automatical machines for many production processes. However experienced hand made workers is still one of our biggest assets now. Many processes you just can't finish by machine especially for small qty order or complicated rigid box making. 

For rigid paper box, we have 2pcs rigid box, drawer box, book style box, magnetic closure paper box, special shape rigid box, box with ribbons, box with inserts, etc. There are many box choices, so does the surface treatment.

Rigid box is usually 1 or 2 simple pantone colors printing, with foil stamping or spot uv logo on. Sometimes, simple is luxury. 
Talk to IU TEAM, you'll find the suitable rigid paper package box. 

Luxury Paper Bag

There are many paper bag factories in China, espcially for the kraft paper bags. IUPACKAGE is not specialized in regular size kraft paper bags. We majored in customized brand package paper bag for luxury package. 

To make the paper bag luxury, we have foil stamping paper bag, spot UV paper bag, gold paper bag, silk screen printing craft paper bag, embossing paper bag, etc. We can figure the luxury package out by materials, surface fnishings, the handles, the printing and the creative paper bag designs.

Most of our client buy paper bag from us to fit the paper box, especially for apparel field package, cosmetic product package, liquid product package. 


printing paper bag

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