sliver paper package box
sliver paper package box
cosmetic package box
printing paper box

silver paper with emboss pattern for bottle perfume package

IU Paper Box 7041
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Specifications of silver paper box,perfume package box,emboss paper box,bottle package box

1. Material

IU Paper Box 7041 : 300G Special Paper for silver paper box

 we can also use 300g/350g C1S paper for the bottle package box

2. Size

IU Paper Box 7041: 6.5*6.5*16.5cm

any size can workable, for the emboss paper box

3. Special Metal  on the paper.

 use special paper to make the box for your product, it will make your product to be more high-classic for sure.

It would deliever luxury for perfume package box

sliver paper embross package paper box