lipgloss debossing paper box
lipgloss debossing paper box
debossing logo box
lip gloss lipstick debossing logo paper box
lip gloss debossing logo paper box

Custom cosmetic lip gloss lipstick debossing paper boxes

IU Paper Box 7015
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Buy lip gloss debossing logo paper box  in variety of designs! 

Specifications for debossing logo box:

1. Material: 300G C1S paper for lip gloss debossing logo paper box

Other suggestion : If you want this debossing logo box to be thicker, we can also use 350g paper to make this lipgloss paper box. 

2. Surface finishing 

Matte lamination + debossing 

3. Other services
Design for lipgloss paper box.
labels for lip gloss lipstick paper box 

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