mailer shipping box
mailer shipping box
corrugated paper box
glossy paper box
full color glossy paper package box

full color printing mailer shipping box corrugated paper box

IU Paper Box 6506
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Specifications of corrugated paper box mailer shipping box

1. Material

 300G grey paper + B9 corrugated paper

Other suggestions : Flute paper material sample book. It changes from the flute thickness, height, and moisture, etc.
For mailer shipping box,B9 corrufated paper is widly used.

2. Size


The biggest size we made so far is 1.5 meters, for big toys like roberts package.
We accept customized for corrugated paper box.


3. Surface finished

Glossy lamination

corrugated paper box with spot UV of the logo or stamping is popular see as below.

corrugated paper box

4. Color

CMYK or PMS;full color paper package box make your product stant out.

normally used for shipping,mailer shipping box will good and well protect the product.